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International ecumenical congregation of ICS .

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The International Church of Stockholm

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Plusgiro Account: 918916-8

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The International Church of Stockholm (ICS)

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ICS wishes you a blessed 2022 !

“There are so many ways it can be said.
           Eternity became one with time
               The almighty took humility upon himself
                    The preexistent went through kenosis
                          The spiritual became existential
                                The abstract became concrete
                                     Light came into our darkness
                                          The invisible became visible
                                                Goodness took evil upon itself
                                                     The subjective became objective….or was
                                                          It the other way around?”

Fortunately  God is no theologian. What is written is:
And this shall be the sign for you: You will find a newborn child wrapped in swaddling cloths
laying in a manger.
                    Our Christmas wish is that you will find the child !!!                       
                                           Gun and David

Stay safe!
*** We are following the Corona virus news and Swedish state advisory carefully .

Thanks for the regular music from musicians Erik Dobert on the clarinet

** We are sometimes treated with performances by singers, choirs and musicians that’s not on the schedule. 
                                           Come and join us!**

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