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Worship at home with Mini Sermons from our ministers while the ICS services are postponed due to the Corona Virus.


     The bell rang and amid a lot of noise and messing around the children of class 3C came in to the classroom.  After a while things calmed down and their teacher took up a book to begin the next lesson.  But something was not as it should be.  She looked over the class from right to left…. Towards Peter´s desk.  It was empty

“And where is Peter?” she asked the class.  She was answered with giggles.

“ But where is he?”

“ I guess he is in God`s school again,” answered one of the girls and the class laughted.

“God`s school” had a special meaning for the class.   Right next to the school was a forest.    It was in this forest Peter often was truant.   But Peter`s mother didn’t like that Peter was called truant because of his visits to the forest.  She usually said that Peter liked to study in God`s school--- that is nature.

“Take out your mathbook and get to work.  I will go and fetch Peter,” said the teacher as she went out the door.

This was the second time this week Peter had not come back into the classroom after the bell had sounded and she was sure he was down by the stream. And there he was but she didn’t find him at once since he was lying in tall grass studying ants.  She wasn’t angry but just felt powerless.  She sat down in the grass beside him.

“Peter, Peter, what am I going to do with you?  I know you love being out here in God`s school but there is so much you must learn…”

Peter didn’t say anything but just looked down at the ground.

“Peter, how much is nine times nine?”

Peter was quiet for a while but then answered:  “I don’t know!”

“It`s 8l, Peter.  What is the capital of Norway?”

“I don’t know,” answered Peter

“Oslo,” answered his teacher, “There you have it, Peter, there is so much you must learn.”

“But tell me,”said Peter, “can you tell me how an ant like these can carry so much…. Much more than their own weight!”

“I don’t know,” answered his teacher

“Can you then tell me how a squirrel can find all the acorns  and nuts they hid during the summer?”

“No, I cant,” answered his teacher, “ Can  you tell me how they do it?”

“No! “answered Peter

“Then you can see yourself that you have lots to learn.”

“ But can you tell me why 9 times 9 is 81 and why Oslo is the capital of Norway?”

“No, I cant,” answered his teacher

“But you don’t know everything either, isn’t that true?”

“Peter, you have lots of questions, questions that are difficult to find and answer too.  But if you are going to find the answers you must know that 9 times 9 is 81 and maybe someday you will want to study at the university of Oslo. Then it would be important to know something about that city, am I not right?”

Peter knew that unfortunately his teacher was right and he followed her back to the classroom.  In the future he tried hard not to be truant. But every time the school work became boring his eyes wandered out the window towards the forest.  And the best was when it was summer and he could wander and study in God`s school as much as he wanted and for several months.


My wish is that this summer you will enjoy God´s school.

Pastor David

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