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Worship at home with Mini Sermons from our ministers while the ICS services are postponed due to the Corona Virus.

Eighth Sunday after Trinity Year 3    Spiritual Clarity

Paul was writing to the citizens of Rome where the concept of “Adoption”  was known to all .The basic Roman  idea of Patria  Potestas  “Power of the father”  made adoption a most serious and complicated process. It was the power of absolute disposal and control (in the early days even over life and death) A Roman son never came of age no matter how old he was, Total possession and control was the fathers’. Paul clarifies a Christian ‘s life as being adopted by a new Father, who has in law  for the rest of one’s life, total possession and control. In adoption a person’s old life was completely wiped out..including debts. Adoption was a NEW life completely. A born again  situation. No half- brother but Brother. The adoption was witnessed by seven people who could be called upon if any twist or doubt arose.. The old is gone. Only the new exists.

God is our new Father , Jesus our brother and the Holy Spirit is the witness to it all. We inherit on equal terms  as the Son .Suffering and glory. Eternal life.

This is the relationship desired by God between himself and mankind. Made possible by His Grace and our acceptance.  “ The life style God expects from His people  means unquestionable loyalty to the one God. A loyalty which will find practical expression in a caring society”  (Professor Robert Davidson)The Jeremiah text is part of a sermon he held cirka 600 B.C. He sees into the hearts of the worshippers. Knows they desire all the goodness of the promises of God but are not living the goodness themselves. Mend your ways and your doings ! This must be done IF the blessings are to be realized;if the temple  is to be God’s House where  His children  worship in honesty and security . The “Do nots” show us the life style of the worshippers at the temple in Jerusalem. . How is it with us worshippers here in Jakob’s church We want to have God’s grace, to live in His protection assured of salvation and eternal life but do we live His will? Through Jeremiah’s words we hear God’s .

Jesus words are clear enough . It is not an easy route . He has lived it .He knows  pain,  betrayal , humiliation ,mockery  can be fellow travelers but He knows the reward at the end…and He wants this for all His Family .To follow him and thereby be an adopted child of God ,leads to LIFE. Any other route however attractive it may seem leads away from life to destruction. I feel this is what we are seeing in our world today. Wanting the best of life on earth and grabbing for it in all sort of aggressive ways. The “Seek first” commandment seems to have been forgotten. Hardly a “caring “ society. We do see, Thank God ,glimpses of it .We have the gift of forgiveness and the promise of His strength to go on and reach the heights . Let us be joyful in our adoption believing in Jesus’ words “ I am with you always” especially when the doubts and temptations to abandon the fight for God’s will and glide over to the easy i.e. do as you like attitude. If we “Christians “ live as such the Difference can be made .Hope for Justice can be realized and oppression can be over won. Soldiers of Christ arise and put your armour on. Truth, Righteousness, Peace, Faith, Holy Spirit ,Salvation (Ephesians 6)

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