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Worship at home with Mini Sermons from our ministers while the ICS services are postponed due to the Corona Virus.

Mini sermon 6th Sunday after Trinity year 3

“Political Correctness,” does that mean total neutrality? Dictator regime rules! We have so many groups in our society who are trying to force their opinions on others. Mostly in a very destructive manner. Pulling down  and vandalizing  symbols of history for example. Using the power of FEAR to enforce. So much so that peoples are afraid to express or even hold an opinion . Those who hold “Negative Power” are doing the work of the anti Christ(In my opinion).

We who say we are Christian must stand up and take a stand for what is Our Lord’s teachings. In today’s Gospel Reading, Jesus’ disciples ,and as a consequence , Jesus himself , have been rejected by the inhabitants of Samaria because they are on their way to  the city of David, Jerusalem, which for them is the centre of Holiness. God’s own residential city! The Samaritans think otherwise about Jerusalem and throw them out. The disciples suggest they should(and therefore  they are aware that they could!)rain down painful death for those who oppose their Lord.  The disciples of the Good Shepherd, the man of peace and good will from God to humanity. Those who are given the task of wearing Christ’s mantel  have the ability and even the will to destroy those whom Jesus has come to save. All this in their blind devotion to Him and his cause. Blindness! Something they had seen him cure and yet were themselves blinded. Jesus reply was to rebuke them. Rebuke?? A strong verb to “in no uncertain manner tell them off” I imagine Him saying” For God’s sake NO WAY” Not taking the Lord’s name in vain. Can any message be more up to date than this where there are voices being raised to forbid free speech.  I am offended by what you say and therefore you should be silenced; punished ; or in some cases killed. Was this not the attitude of the High priests and Farisees  and Sadducees  who betrayed Our Lord?

The prophet Elijah’s handing over his mantle in the way the story is told ,challenges us to “Now. Not later” in our fight against the enemies of God’s will in Jesus . We cannot wait till…..whatever…….We are his disciples. We were chosen and chose to  be so. We long for and expect his support, strength, inspiration and courage . Therefore we must act now. Confess our faith and live in love not hate. Work for positive change not muzzle those who do not agree with us. How! How can  we achieve this? This is what Paul  says he did : think like them, understand them listen to them  be prepared to hear and SHOW by our lives the truth. The great longing of individuals today is to be reckoned with . See me! Hear me! We are equals. Freedom of thought , freedom of speech for all . NO violence No putting our knees on others’ throats literally or metaphorically. But living in peace . Fighting the GOOD FIGHT with ALL OUR SPIRITUAL MIGHT in His Holy Name

The call of Christ is not to a life of ease and well being.”Go abroad and tell the news of the kingdom of God” is our mission.” No looking back” is our method and “Salvation for humanity” our goal.

And lo he is with us always.   Amen

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